Recipes – SIMMER + SAUCE (2024)

Lemon Mousse

Andrea Potischman | Mar 29, 2024

Lemon mousse is a fresh and easy dessert that combines the tangy flavor of lemon with a light, airy texture that’s incredibly pleasing. This, my friends, is the perfect, prep-ahead dessert for springtime. By definition, a mousse is a soft, sweet or savory, prepared food that incorporates air bubbles to create its distinct silky mouth […]

Celebration Blondies

Andrea Potischman | Mar 20, 2024

In the realm of celebratory sweets, few treats can match the sheer joy of celebration blondies. These delightful bars, adorned with golden vanilla Oreos and a sprinkle of colorful edible “confetti“, are a testament to the simple pleasures that make life sweeter. They’re not just for birthdays – they’re for any occasion that calls for […]

Crispy Salmon Cakes

Andrea Potischman | Mar 13, 2024

Indulge in the savory delight of crispy salmon cakes – an effortless dish that’s both versatile and pleasing, even to many who claim they are “non-fish eaters“. Whether crafted from fresh or frozen Atlantic salmon, these cakes are a testament to convenience and flavor. Perfect for busy schedules, they can be prepared in advance and […]

Frosted Guinness Brownies

Andrea Potischman | Mar 6, 2024

In the heart of Ireland, a dark and velvety elixir known as Guinness Stout emerged in the 18th century, captivating beer enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for its rich, complex flavor profile, Guinness became a symbol of Irish brewing expertise and, eventually, a global sensation. As culinary exploration reached new heights, home cooks and bakers embraced the […]

Instant Pot Venezuelan Shredded Beef

Andrea Potischman | Feb 29, 2024

This Instant Pot Venezuelan shredded beef recipe is a family favorite and one my husband has been making for a while now. This is not my recipe, I have adapted it lightly, but the original can be found here. This is the first Instant Pot recipe on my blog, and it’s an easy one I […]

Baked Rice

Andrea Potischman | Feb 22, 2024

This cheesy baked rice is a new comfort dish I can’t seem to get enough of. I once read that a cheesy baked dish was like a fluffy down comforter: you just want to slide in and pull it up over your head. I think that sums this dish up rather well. This is the […]

Braised Beef With Red Wine And Mushrooms

Andrea Potischman | Feb 16, 2024

Braised beef with red wine and mushrooms is a quintessential dish for winter. Rich, tender beef, slowly braised in a decadent red wine sauce that melts in your mouth. This comfort dish oozes cozy vibes on a blistery weekend night. Although this dish takes time to yield the out-of-this-world results, it requires minimal prep making […]

Chocolate Meringue Hearts With Whipped Cream And Berries

Andrea Potischman | Feb 7, 2024

Indulge in the epitome of romance with delicate chocolate heart-shaped meringue cups filled with fresh, lightly sweetened, whipped cream and mixed berries. An easy and elegant treat perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you crave a little something special. A meringue is a delicate dance of egg whites and sugar, that, when made correctly, […]

Spam Musubi

Andrea Potischman | Feb 1, 2024

For all the many times I’ve been to Hawaii, I never had Spam musubi there. Not sure how that’s possible, yet here we are. This was a request from my older son and now I’m hooked. Spam musubi is delish, but yes, you must get past the Spam part to fully embrace it and its […]

Chocolate Chunk Olive Oil Blondies

Andrea Potischman | Jan 31, 2024

Get ready to excite your taste buds with the irresistible combination of semi-sweet chocolate and olive oil in these delectable, and equally outrageous, chocolate chunk olive oil blondies. Yes, you read that correctly, olive oil is the star ingredient, and it does not disappoint. But stepping back a bit, let’s briefly discuss blondies in general, […]

Beef With Barley Soup

Andrea Potischman | Feb 16, 2024

Beef and barley soup is a classic dish that has been enjoyed for centuries and oozes cozy vibes. It is a hearty, filling soup packed with flavor and nutrition that’s perfect in the winter months. The soup is believed to have originated in Scotland, where it was a popular dish among farmers and laborerswho used […]

No-Bake Fruit And Nut Breakfast Bars

Andrea Potischman | Feb 13, 2024

Rise and shine to the goodness of whole grain fruit and nut breakfast bars, a delicious energy booster, that’s both wholesome and incredibly easy to prepare. These no-bake, dairy-free bars are a treasure trove of natural goodness, combining various, readily available nutritious ingredients for a breakfast bar that fuels your day. Dried apricots, cherries, golden […]

Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Andrea Potischman | Jan 6, 2024

Happy 2024! Health experts have been saying it for years, but of all the fruits out there, you should seek ways to incorporate more blueberries into your diet. Blueberries are sweet, low in calories, nutritious, and incredibly popular. Blueberries are the most nutrient-dense of all berries. Just 1 cup of blueberries contains 4 grams of […]

Frosted Cranberry-Orange Loaf Cake

Andrea Potischman | Jan 31, 2024

Add this irresistible cranberry-orange loaf cake to your holiday baking list right this very minute. Effortless in preparation, this loaf cake has a moist, tender crumb, with a sweet and tangy seasonal cranberry flavor. Lightly drizzled with glaze, this easy, fruit-forward loaf cake is perfect for breakfast, dessert, or anything in between. Unlike most cranberry […]

Struffoli (Italian Honey Balls)

Andrea Potischman | Jan 31, 2024

Originating from Italy, Struffoli is a delightful dessert that has captured the hearts and palates of people worldwide for decades. This bite-sized delicacy consists of small dough balls, typically fried until golden and then coated in honey. Struffoli’s origins can be traced back to the regions of Campania and Calabria, where it is often enjoyed […]

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Recipes – SIMMER + SAUCE (2024)


What do you use simmer sauce for? ›

It's often the cooking method of choice for tougher cuts of meat or thick vegetables. Because simmer sauces already come to you pre-made, you simply add the ingredients of your choice -- such as meat, vegetables, tofu, chicken, or seafood.

Do you simmer sauce with lid on or off? ›

Simmering tomato sauce can be done with the lid on or off, depending on the desired outcome and the consistency you want to achieve. Lid Off: Simmering tomato sauce with the lid off allows the liquid to evaporate more quickly. This method helps thicken the sauce and intensify the flavors as the moisture evaporates.

What is the best way to simmer sauce? ›

To simmer a liquid, such as a broth or sauce, put it in a pot on the stovetop and set the heat to medium-low. After a few minutes, you should start to notice bubbles rising to the surface of the liquid. If your recipe calls for a slow simmer, aim for a few small bubbles every 1-2 seconds.

Can I use a simmer sauce as a marinade? ›

The simmer sauces are an excellent form of marinades. They also make excellent basting sauce.

Can you bake with simmer sauce? ›

Cooking with a simmer sauce doesn't have to mean standing at the stove. Use it for braising, like this dish of bone-in chicken thighs, baked with Tikka Masala until juicy, tender, and flavorful. And while it's in the oven, use the time to cook orzo or couscous, and make a beautiful salad.

Can you cook chicken in simmer sauce? ›

Heat the oil in a medium saucepan on medium-low heat. Add the chicken and cook, stirring often, for 5 to 7 min, until lightly browned. Add the Patak's® Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce and simmer until the chicken is cooked through, about 15 min.

How long should a sauce simmer? ›

The minimum time you should simmer sauce is 30 minutes. This is about how long the oils take to disappear into the sauce (rather than pooling on top). But you should consider simmering for three or more hours, letting it lazily cook away, no more than a few straggling bubbles surfacing at a time.

How often do you stir simmering sauce? ›

While simmering, stir the sauce often so those natural sugars don't scald on the bottom of your pot. As time goes on, the canned tomatoes you use will go from bright and acidic to sweet and mellow with a hint of acidity. Stop cooking after you've tasted the sauce and feel like it's the perfect doneness for your palate.

What is the difference between boil and simmer sauce? ›

Simmering is a gentler, low-heat form of boiling liquids characterized by wisps of steam. Simmering is a slightly gentler version of boiling liquids that allows ingredients to reduce and thicken. This makes simmering a popular method for slow cooking, braising, and making reductions.

Does simmering sauce longer make it taste better? ›

1. Reduction - over long periods of cooking, some water evaporates from the sauce, which makes the remaining flavors more concentrated and intense. It has to be slow-cooked for a couple of hours to get this effect, because if you cook it too hot and too quickly, some of the flavor chemicals will evaporate too.

Why do you simmer sauce for hours? ›

Tomato sauce has an inherent dilemma: Long-simmered sauces have complex flavor, but simmering over a long period of time cooks out the very thing that makes a ripe tomato so special—its bright, sweet taste.

How long should you let homemade tomato sauce simmer? ›

Bring to a gentle boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer, uncovered, for 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours, until the sauce is no longer watery. Remove the onion and discard. Use a wooden spoon or potato masher to smash any large chunks of tomatoes or garlic to make a slightly chunky and thick sauce.

Can you cook meat in the sauce you marinate it in? ›

If some of the marinade is to be used as a sauce on the cooked food, reserve a portion of the marinade before putting raw meat or poultry in it. However, if the marinade used on raw meat or poultry is to be reused, make sure to let it come to a boil first to destroy any harmful bacteria.

Can you microwave simmer sauce? ›

Yes, assuming that your microwave has an adjustable power setting. It will be trial and error however. I would suggest using plain water to test it so you don't burn your sauce. I would try using the bowl/container you plan to use for the sauce at 50% power for 8 to 10 minutes and see if it has started to simmer yet.

Can I use a simmer sauce in a slow cooker? ›

The beauty of this approach lies in its versatility, as simmering sauces seamlessly adapt to the slow cooker's gentle heat, ensuring their flavors remain uncompromised. Simmer sauces because they are interchangeable, empowering you to explore a world of taste without limitations.

What does it mean to let a sauce simmer? ›

Simmer: Medium-low heat, gentle bubbling in the pot. Most often used for soups, sauces, and braises. Rapid Simmer: Medium- to medium-high heat, more aggressive bubbling in the pot, but the bubbles should still be fairly small.

Does simmering sauce make it taste better? ›

Simmering at a low temperature for an extended period also encourages the sauce to reduce and thicken. This reduction concentrates the flavors of the tomato sauce, making it richer and more intense.

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