[Top 10] BDO Best Grind Spots For Skill Points (2024)

Skill points play a major role as an adventurer in Black Desert Online. Whether you are just starting out in the game, a seasonal, or a veteran player of this game, there is no argument that skill point grinding is as important as gear progression. That is why I am here to count off the top 10 best grind spots for skill points in Black Desert Online’s current patches and meta this 2022. Grab some Elion’s and Food buffs as we dive straight to the best skill points grinding spots.

10. Naga Marsh

Let’s kick off this list by starting at number 10, the Naga Marsh. This map never lost fame over the course of the game. Players had a love-hate relationship with this map zone due to the inconsistency of the mob spawns of the Naga Commanders. But due to the rework done on this map, Naga Commanders will now consistently spawn normal mobs upon reaching a certain HP level, making your grind here worthwhile. With its improvement, you may notice some adventurers farming on this map zone again, whether for XP, skill points, or occasionally a specific loot.

Why Naga Marsh is a Great Farming Spot

  • With the map’s rework, Naga Commanders now spawn 9 mobs each, consistently adding more SP gain for your grind. Surely you will get a 30-kill count per spot.
  • Spot-choosing on this map is straightforward and easy.
  • Not a heavily contested area.

How it Works:

  • 260-280 AP recommendation for this area.
  • Go to Naga Marsh and keep an eye out for poisonous swamp plants, a.k.a."Stinky Flower".
  • These poisonous swamp plants will serve as your guide for spot choosing. These plants are always surrounded by three naga commanders that will eventually spawn another 27 mobs for you to kill when their corresponding HP falls to 90% or below.

9. Pila Ku Jail

At number 9, Pila Ku Jail. Apart from the benefits, you can get on this map, this is one of the best places to grind your skill points. Although you may see a few adventurers grinding for this spot, it is because of the Archeologist map pieces that drop here, which, of course, can serve as a bonus if you grind your skill points here also. During your grinding session, you may come across some Sicil's accessories that will make your SP grinding worthwhile. This is a good SP grinding spot in my opinion, especially if you are into getting those specific loots that I have mentioned.

Why Pila Ku Jail is a Great Farming Spot

  • With an AP of 255 and above, you will basically just be one-shotting every mob here consistently.
  • This is a medium-contested area. If you love PvP or the good ol’ fashion of "duel for spot", then this map is definitely for you.
  • Please keep in mind that Archeologist Map parts can be found here if you're looking for extra benefits in your SP grinding.

How it Works:

  • You can start at either entrance of the Pila Ku Jail. There are only two entrances to this area, so don’t get confused.
  • The goal here is to kill as many mobs as possible along the way.
  • Make a U-turn from the entrance opposite to where you started.
  • Or, you may opt to start from the exact entrance you started from to have a fresh spawn of each mob spot you just killed.

8. Blood Wolf Settlement

A very interesting and worthwhile note is the Blood Wolf Settlement zone. Not only is it good for skill points farming, but this map is also essential if you want to make the unlimited HP potion, which is a vital item to fully maximize your BDO endgame experience. The large number of mobs here is where you could possibly loot the "Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak", one of the three grindable materials used for making the unlimited HP pots. I must suggest that you grind skill points here until you get that unli HP pots material and then move on to a better spot on this list for grinding skill points.

Why Blood Wolf Settlement is a Great Farming Spot

  • You'll need less than 200 AP here. It is very good for farming SP here in the early game.
  • Despite being a low AP zone, this map is lowly contested for spots. I tested it myself just recently, and I haven’t seen anyone contesting for this spot for my 5 whole hours of grinding.
  • The mob supply is almost endless on this map.
  • This is definitely designed for early-game skill points farming, so please do not expect good loot here.

How it Works:

  • 190 AP is recommended.
  • It can be farmed in any way you want to do your rotation.
  • Kill everything that moves. You will be one-shotting them anyway if you have more than 200 AP, which is very easy to achieve nowadays.
  • There's nothing complicated about this map if you choose to farm SP here.

7. Bashim Base

At number 7, we have the Bashim Base. There isn't much to say about this map zone other than it's good for skill point farming, so you can rest assured that you will never be contested for this spot if you choose to grind SP in this area. You can grind this very early in the game and it is the suggested way to do so as you will gain better XP as well at that point rather than doing SP grinding here for later.

Why Bashim Base is a Great Farming Spot

  • This is one of the very low AP recommendations, with no special or complicated gears or skill point grinding requirements.
  • You can run most of your Alts here, if not all, with the 100 AP recommendation.
  • Trash loot’s price has been increased due to the recent patch.

How it Works:

  • It is advisable to use a high-mobility class for SP grinding here.
  • Go to Pujiya Canyon. From there, you can start killing clusters of mobs all the way through Bashim Base and then circle back to Pujiya Canyon for a rinse-and-repeat process.
  • You may opt to clear bashim mobs on the edge of Waragon Nest for extra kills.

6. Fogan Marsh

We have Fogan Marsh as our number 6. This map drops Elvian weapons, which will help you grind much faster even if you fall a bit short on the map’s AP recommendation. There is also a boss spawn event in this area that is worth checking out. A lot of aggro monsters with a large mob density should be expected in this area, so no more pull and lure kind of thing here. Black magic crystals often drop here as well.

Why Fogan Marsh is a Great Farming Spot

  • Elvian Weapon drops here. Making your grind faster and more efficient when it comes to SP gain.
  • Mobs in this area are mostly aggressive, which means they will come to you often rather than the other way around.
  • The map is very wide with a decent mob count. You can still grind skill points here even if there are other adventurers farming at the same time as you.

How it Works:

  • You can begin in Glish and then proceed to Swamp Naga Habitat. 270 is the recommended AP.
  • If you are planning to make this a hardcore SP grind, start from Glish, heading towards the first large pool of water on the left. Kill everything there and make a path going to Southern Cienaga as you kill every mob on your way. Once you are in Southern Cienaga, continue the grind all the way up to Northern Cienaga by following the swamp.
  • There are two options for rinse and repeat here. You can either make a U-turn from Northern Cienaga to Southern Cienaga and finish on Glish, or return to Glish to sell the trash loot you obtained after reaching Northern Cienaga, then continue the straight route from Glish to Southern and Northern Cienaga.

5. Crescent Shrine

Number 5, the Crescent Shrine, home for that Ring of Crescent Guardian, which sells for a decent amount of silver, so please take note of that. It is decent for skill point farming due to its mob density and not-so-complicated grinding rotations, but just do not forget to bring yourself some Purified Water if you grind SP here as you might die from the desert debuffs.

Why Crescent Shrine is a Great Farming Spot

  • If you are below 200 AP, farming SP here is very efficient as you will gain silver and, if lucky, crescent rings and artifacts.
  • Decent mob density plus a literal "straightforward" path on your rotations.
  • Since this area is in the desert zone, being contested for this spot is very unlikely to happen.

How it Works:

  • Go to Sand Grain Bazaar and then travel on the lower right, heading to the Crescent Shrine spot. Recommended AP: 140.
  • Please remember to bring Purified Water to avoid dying from the desert debuffs.
  • Straightforward rotations. Just follow the valley’s pathway and kill everything while making your way straight to the end.

4. Cadry Ruins

Next is the Cadry Ruins. This is a very interesting map to grind skill points with. This map is not only good for Agris burning, especially when combined with a loot scroll, but it is also good for SP. This means you can get a lot out of this map. It has a low AP recommendation, making the grind in this zone faster. Basically speaking, it is a killing-streak grind where you will be one-shotting most of the mobs, and when it comes to mobs, Cadry Ruins has plenty of them for you to kill and grind with. Ring of Cadry Guardian also drops here! Keep that in mind!

Why Cadry Ruins is a Great Farming Spot

  • It has a low AP recommendation of 140 AP.
  • You can hit this spot with a blue loot scroll + Agris if you are going to grind SP here. In this way, you will gain a lot of trash for silver at the same time.
  • It is not difficult to run; there are a lot of mobs everywhere along the way, and this map spawns violent mobs that are not hard to kill.

How it Works:

  • I highly suggest you roam around the map first to kill the 7 elite mobs and then proceed to kill the rest of the normal mobs. You will gain a lot of SP and also trash for silver by doing this method. Hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Or you can kill only the normal mobs if you want more SP and don’t care about trash loot.
  • Just like the other straightforward spots mentioned, this is just the same. Start at one end and then U-turn at the next end of the path.

3. Star’s End

Coming in at number 3, the ever-popular Star’s End. If you are looking for an easy grind for SP, XP, and loot, then look no further. Well, I do only refer to the word "easy" for the grinding process as you will just stay in one spot and clear waves, then that’s pretty much it. There's no need to create paths for rotations and the like unless you want to move from one tower to another. But in terms of preparation, farming at Star’s End isn’t an easy feat as you will be needing a decent DP, or else you will just find yourself constantly dying here. It is still one of the best spots worth checking out in terms of SP grinding, with big XP and loot bonuses on top of that.

Why Star’s End is a Great Farming Spot

  • One of those maps in the game that is very convenient to grind to. Basically, you just stand in one spot and kill.
  • You can gain a lot on this map not only for Skill Points but for XP and trash loots as well.
  • All you need is decent gear and that’s it. No complicated mechanics or confusing routes.

How it Works:

  • Find a tower spot suitable for you. The tower on the ruins, the one with the ruin staircase landmark, is highly contested. Feel free to swap channels if you really want to farm that specific spot.
  • Monster spawns will start as soon as you start attacking the tower until the tower is destroyed.
  • Clear the waves. When the tower stops spawning waves, you have two options: either wait on the same spot and manage your inventory first (highly recommended), or move to the next tower nearby to begin wave killings as soon as possible.
  • Having a decent DP will make your Star End farming easier.

2. Roud Sulfur Mine

Our runner-up for this list is the Roud Sulfur Mine. It is technically made for faster SP farming and is very terrible in terms of loot. That is the main reason why this zone is empty most of the time, and no one will disturb your farming here. Even though you find someone farming here at the same time as you, the map is too big and you can still farm SP faster than the other maps mentioned. If you are just aiming to increase your skill points faster, then this is definitely the spot for you. Adventurers often land on Roud Sulfur Mine to grind skill points if the best spot for grinding SP is already overcrowded by other players. This is by far one of the best for skill point farming. Just do not expect any other benefits aside from that.

Why Roud Sulfur Mine is a Great Farming Spot

  • It is an empty farming zone most of the time, meaning you will not be disturbed by other players if you choose to farm skill points here.
  • These are quite decent drops, as I might say, based on my own experience farming on this map. You can actually make some silver here, but don’t expect too much. Just think of it as a bonus to your SP grinding.
  • Plenty of mobs. Each cluster of mobs has a very good population count.

How it Works:

  • It is located on the north side of Valencia City. Recommended AP: 210.
  • You can grind this spot in any way that you want since it is not contested most of the time, if not every single time.
  • Kill every mob you see in your chosen phase, pleasure, and rotation. There is no right or wrong way of grinding this spot.

1. Polly’s Forest

Finally, in our number one spot, the King of SP gain, Polly’s Forest. This place is really hot right now. As in, literally! I tested it myself recently, and boy, it is very crowded with adventurers. Polly’s Forest is always good for skill point grinding, but the map’s recent rework has made it totally stand out nowadays. The trash loot price on this map has increased on a massive scale. This makes it a good spot for both skill point grinding and trash-for-silver farming. It may be hard to spot this map undisturbed due to the fact that a lot of players will be farming this map, but that only means that this map is the top spot for SP with huge bonuses along the side. This map is definitely worth checking out, and you are very lucky if you can grind this spot undisturbed for a long period of time.

Why Polly’s Forest is a Great Farming Spot

  • This map is included in the rework. Trash loot values have been significantly increased on this map, making it useful not only for SP grinding but also for gaining some silver while grinding skill points.
  • Mob density is very high, and the distance from one mob cluster to another is very close.
  • It has a very low AP recommendation. You will pretty much be one-shotting mobs here when you SP grind with decent gear.

How it Works:

  • You can start at any point on the outer radius of this map.
  • Then create a zig-zag killing route.
  • Kill three to four cluster mobs, then move to the opposite side, kill three to four cluster mobs, and so on and so forth.
  • Nothing is complicated on this map, and mob density is very high. It is a no-brainer grinding spot.

That is our list of the top 10 BDO Best Grind Spots for Skill Points. I hope you are enlightened with my updated and personally tested list on where to grind SP best and what's worth your while. Again, if you have a suggestion, comment, question, or want to tell me about your thoughts on my list, just hit the comment box below and I will see you next time. Peace!

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